Fun time for jess with Lolah's ultra ticklish body


Length – 17:10

This is now Jess’s time to have fun with Lolah’s ultra ticklish body.
The tatooed ticklish girl is strongly immobilized in the stocks and totally at the mercy of her new sadistic friend Jess.

This is a F/F tickle session even if the FT Tickler shows to Jess some tickle techniques during only two minutes in the clip.
Lolah can’t stop to laugh under the tickling assaults on all her exposed ticklish spots and the fact she can’t move at all makes the punishment harder than usual.

Jess is totally decided to give a very intensive punishment to Lolah and she does her best to get the best reactions.
This is a great revenge of the super ticklish girl on another super ticklish girl.

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