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Mixed headsicssors humiliation and foot smother with Vicky’s perfect feet

This guy thought that Vicky is just a weak girl who could not even choke him enough to make him tap. Well, he’s gonna learn something today. And he’ll have to take some foot humiliation too.
He’s bragging about Vicky’s weakness and agrees to try her thighs strength. Big mistake! At first he’s holding his own but in a short while he’s already getting weak and he’s made to tap out. Vicky is too strong for him. But she’s not done with him yet. She flexes her thighs again and now he has to beg Vicky to let him go and he has to say he has lost and that she’s the winner.

As soon as he does that, she lets him go but only to humiliate him with her bare feet. Vicky puts her foot on his nose and makes him smell her feet. The he has to worship them, kiss them and smell them some more. Then the victory poses come as Vicky enjoys her victory and the loser at her feet. This is a great day for her and the worst one yet for him

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