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Kelly’s Flawless Belly – Aksinja Tastes her Girlfriend’s Tummy and Tickles her (two parts)

By Dero

Kelly and Aksinja became good friends so they meet again in this clip.
The video consists of two parts.

The first part. Tickling and licking Kelly’s belly while standing.
Kelly stands with her hands tied up, wearing a white cat mask. Aksinja dressed in black clothes and a black mask approaches her.
She begins to torment Kelly’s tummy and tickle her sides. She then removes her and Kelly’s masks and starts nibbling and licking Kelly’s navel. Her tummy looks perfect: every goosebump is visible, and the belly button is quite big and flat. Aksinja exposes Kelly’s breasts to lick her nipples too.
Aksinja enjoys her navel and tickles the poor girl every now and then, who is very ticklish from strong pressure on her waist and sides. After 15 minutes, Aksinja leaves Kelly alone.

The second part. Tickling and licking Kelly’s belly in an arched pose + vibrator.
Kelly is lying on a bench with her stomach arched and her hands tied. Aksinja tickles her tummy with a feather and then sits closer to her navel to lick it. She bites her belly and tickles her sides alternately. She lifts Kelly’s top, exposing her breasts again, and nibbles her nipples. Then she tickles her friend intensively and Kelly bites her own hand, laughs, and screams from tickling.
Later, Aksinja takes some cream and smears it over the ticklee’s belly, and drives the vibrator along the navel, stomach, and near Kelly’s pussy, which is covered by semi-transparent panties.
Then Aksinja repeats the strong tickling again and leaves Kelly alone to rest.

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