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Kessy Introduced Us Her Deathly Ticklish Neighbor Malia

Kessy told us that she regularly heard loud bursts of hysterical laughter coming from her neighbor’s, and that one day she made a remark about it to hear.
Her neighbor told her that her boyfriend tickled her a lot and that it drove her crazy, so she apologized for the inconvenience.
Kessy replied that it was funny because she worked for a production that was looking for very ticklish girls, and she suggested her to come and meet us.
She was very surprised but thought it would be cool to be paid for that so she agreed to join our team for her first experience in fetish world so we are happy to introduce this 32 years old girl next door called Malia.

Kessy wasn’t lying: Malia’s feet are more than ticklish! They’re truly among the elite of ticklish feet.
Malia loses all control of her body when Kessy tickles her soles and toes, she becomes totally nuts with consulsive and crazy reactions.
Deathly ticklish feet lovers will remember these ones for some years.

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