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Length - 10:12 -
Definition - 1080P

Khalessie the Tickler Get’s Tickled ~! * Struggles to Keep It In*

I waited so long to get this little tickle monster tied up and tickled!
Khalessie is really a tickle machine.
she showed no mercy on her little ticklees, and I remember watching her getting her way with them,
looking in her eyes as she tickled them, and I just couldn’t wait to get her tied up and tickled.
Khalessie tried like Adeline to stay in control, but let me tell you this…

unfortunately for her, she is not as strong as Adeline.

and even though she tried, she had dozens of breaking points during this session
unlike Adeline, I could feel Khallessies muscles harden, trying to protect her tiny and now vulnerable body from our tickling fingers.
but she didn’t stand a chance. both I and Adeline kept attacking her, as her muscles got tired, she couldn’t resist anymore.
her suffering sweet look is just priceless.

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