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Length - 12:27 -
Definition - 1080P

Khalessie the Tickler Get’s Tickled ~! * It’s Your Turn Now *

I know that many of you were waiting for this one.
after tickling so many innocent girls, finally, Khalessie gets tied up and tickled
I’m sure that many of the girls that went under her ticklish hands would love seeing this.
so, without living her too much choice, Khalissie got tied up to the bed, while wearing her pajamas.
Khaleesi has amazing and soft skin, it was a real delight to tickle her.

we started out with Adeline ( who just a few minutes ago was her tickling partner) exploring her ticklish body.
Khaleesi really really tried not to lose it.
she and Adeline had a contest who can resist more to the tickling.

You can hear Khalessi saying once in a while ” IM A STRONG WOMAN ” as she tries to resist.
she used her muscles to try and resist, but that took a toll on her tiny body.
I just love her reactions as Adeline does what she knows with her tiny body.

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