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Length - 22:07 -
Definition - 720P

Khloe’s Entire Ticklish Body Is at the Mercy of Veronique

This is now time for Veronique to attack Khloe’s entire helpless body so the young beauty is tied in spread-eagle position with all her most ticklish spots vulnerable.
Khloe is tickled during the first half of the clip on her underarms, neck, hips, sides and belly then Veronique focuses on her super ticklish bare feet during the second half of the session.
This new model is great because she is as ticklish as she is beautiful and Veronique is perfectly sadistic and ruthless with all her most sensitive spots.

She explores methodically Khloe’s body discovering step by step how to get the best reactions.
Khloe explodes in laughter all long this long intensive punishment to exhaustion.
This is a pure F/F tickle action with two very sexy girls who fulfill our tickling fantasies!

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