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Length - 20:15 -
Definition - 720P

Khloe’s Horribly Ticklish Feet Meet the Sadistic Veronique

The beautiful Khloe is a new 23 years old student we met a few months ago to become a model on our new Tickle Project at “”.

We discovered that she was horribly ticklish and especially on her perfect feet so we asked if she were ok to be tickled in our fetish productions and she accepted.
When Veronique saw the first medieval tickling video of the new project we made with Kloe she immediately asked us if she could have fun with her too.
Veronique LOVES to torment super ticklish new models so we invited Khloe in our studio to be at the mercy of our famous sexy tickler.

Khloe is interviewed at the beginning of the video (with english subtitles” then she is immobilized for our special “Feet Up Tickle Experience”.
The tickling begins with feathers and fingers with her shoes on then after a few minutes in this way Veronique removes Khloe’s shoes for a ruthless soles and toes punishment.
Khloe’s feet are horribly ticklish and the beauty loses control immediately at each touch on her oiled soles with fingers or with the different tickle tools.

The electric toothbrush between her toes makes her particulary hysterical with insane reactions.
A new true ticklish young beauty who endure exactly what she can’t stand till she becomes crazy.
What a nice ticklish situation with two beauties who have fun!

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