Laureen's Steps to Maximum Tickle Torture FULL



Length – approx 45 mn (4 videos)

A personal friend told me he knew a real submissive girl who love fetish games and who were really interested by a merciless tickling experience due to the fact that she’s horribly ticklish.
What a fantastic news so we contacted her about that and she welcomed us for the first intensive tickle session of her life.
Laureen is a very sexy 30 years old woman who really love to be tied and submitted to fetish fantasies and she discovered with us that she particulary enjoyed to be tickled even if it drives her insane.
This is the first punishment of her experience and we tied her on a roman chair for a sadistic upperbody and legs tickle torture.
Laureen has explosive reactions at each touch on her ticklish spots but she absolutely can’t escape the ruthless fingers who explore all her helpless body.
This is an horrible situation for such a ticklish girl but she absolutely loves that!

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