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Length - 47:03 -
Definition - 1080P

Lesbian Marica wants to lick Alsu’s feet and body – Tickle fight and falling resting

Alsu is getting ready for bed – she lay down to read a magazine. She is topless and in socks. Unexpectedly, a lesbian Marica crept up from behind, she wanted to get Alsu. She sent her to rest and checked her eyes and mouth.

Then she began kissing her face and breasts and then went down to her feet. She removed her shoes and began kissing her feet for a long time. And when Alsu woke up, she laid her down again.
After that, she began to kiss the feet more eagerly, smacking her lips. But Alsu couldn’t rest for a long time and when she woke up she decided to pinch Marica’s feet and tickle the pervert.
So the girls tickled each other’s feet until Marica knocked Alsu out again.

Then Alsu was lying on the table under a blanket and with a stocking gag. Marica began kissing Alsu’s bare feet, and when the girl woke up she sent her back to rest. She handcuffed Alsu and began to tickle her, Alsu woke up and began to laugh. Marica bit Alsu’s body and breast. Then Marica knocked her out again and, sitting on top, began to lick her feet.

Then Marica’s assistant took Alsu and held her feet up so that Marica enjoyed and licked her feet. After that, they sat down on the sofa and continued, and the man squeezed Alsu’s sexy boobs.
When she woke up, Marica was already ready and knocked her out, after that she checked her eyes and mouth. Alsu lied on the bench with raised legs and Marica licks her feet again.

Marica was having so much fun and she liked to do it in different positions. She licked Alsu’s feet with relish, and when the poor girl woke up, she was quickly knocked out again.

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