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Lets tickle Alsu’s strong body and feet, strap a brush to her feet and then make her cum

By Dero


Alsu is tied with belts and rope to a bench and has a sack on her head. Unexpectedly for her, I start tickling her feet. Seeing nothing, Alsu feels even more ticklish.
I think today I will do whatever I want with her. So I take oil and a comb to tickle her feet.
Alsu’s slender body shrinks in agony and I can’t help but tickle her tense tummy and armpits. I tickle her feet with one hand and her body with the other. Alsu laughs and goes crazy, as usual.

Then I use a vibrator between her legs and then tickle her body at the same time as the stimulation.
Then I tied an electric toothbrush to her feet with tape and it mercilessly tickles Alsu in the middle of her soles.
Then I tickle her sweaty armpits and breasts, as well as her slender, thin waist and abs.
Finally, I tickle her feet with a vibrator and put the bag back on her head. I tell Alsu that we are done, but suddenly tickle her body with more intensity.

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