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Leya goes crazy – Tickle hell in stocks and all toes tied

Definition - 1080P
Length - 11:08


Tickling with 4 hands. If you’re a fan of fierce tickling in stocks, then this clip is definitely filmed for you. Leya is securely fixed in our new stocks. All her toes are tied. Her bare feet are completely at the mercy of two ticklers. In this clip, we only tickle her feet and very intensely. During tickling, Leya is in a panic! She squeals, jerks a lot and swears us, which only makes us more excited.

I love to tickle Leya because of her insane reaction, sometimes she grunts and laughs so that it seems that the devil himself is coming out of her!
In the middle of the clip, I put a ball gag in her mouth and an intense tickling continues. Afterward, I remove the gag and we again furiously tickle her sexy feet, so much that Leya begins to go crazy.
She is furious, she jerks violently and at the end, she starts crying. We quickly calmed her down, suggesting the small game: she must count from 30 to 0 while we tickle her feet.
She agreed and got the final dose of tickling.
I think I can say without fear of contradiction, that this clip is going to be legendary 🙂

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