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Leya in stocks – Fierce tickling with tied toes

By John

In this clip, lovely Leya is depicted wearing a sleek black catsuit, her feet securely placed side by side in stocks. Her adorable toes are tied and immobilized, setting the stage for what comes next. Her body is firmly strapped to a bench using wide leather belts, her hands have limited mobility with palms facing the camera. The scene begins with Leya’s mouth being gagged first with a cleave gag and later changed to a bit gag.

The story continues as Leya experiences an intense and relentless tickling session on her bare feet. Two ticklers are actively involved, employing tools like hair combs, hand cream, and other implements to maximize the tickling sensations. Their mission is clear: to evoke uncontrollable laughter from Leya, leaving her squealing and grunting from the tickling.

Throughout the clip, the two ticklers work tirelessly, focusing on Leya’s sensitive soles, ensuring that she laughs uncontrollably. Enjoy!

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