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Lisenok, the relaxed gamer – Fragrant tender feet for perverted Annika

Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:29


By Dero

Lisenok is tired of video games and took a nap. Her neighbor Annika came to check her friend and when she saw her resting, she immediately thought of her long-standing desire to lick her friend’s delicious feet. She pushed back the blanket, took off her socks, and began to tickle gently with her fingers, making Lisenok laugh. But she still continued to rest. Then Annika began to lick her friend’s toes and arches of her feet. She’s a true foot fetish lover and her divine friend’s feet just drove Annika crazy!

She smacked and caressed her bare soles, then put them on her shoulders and continued to lick her feet and suck her toes with pleasure. She then sat against Lisenok’s feet and continued to lick them while exposing her breasts and squeezing them. Lisenok also pushed back her clothes and gently caressed herself. Annika began to caress her nipples and tummy with her tongue.

As soon as Lisenok decided to finally wake up, her friend immediately disappeared. Lisenok stretched, found her gamepad nearby, and the TV turned on, and continued to play, shaking her polished feet…

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