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Sakura’s Sweaty Feet Obsession

Sakura knows very well that she really turns me on with her feet, but especially when she has been wearing the same pair of socks for a few days, just to make them extra smelly! I told her that I would be down to give her a nice foot massage, after a long working day, so she was more than happy about it, and came to my home to visit me! We both take place on the couch, in a perfect position where she could use my face to rest her feet, then makes me take her sneakers off, to immediately cover my face with her sweaty yellow socks! I don’t know what she did with them, but the smell was very intense! They were super sweaty, and super stinky, but it seems like she really had no remorse to put them on my face! She takes pleasure to rub her stinky socks all over my face, while she was watching TV and not really paying attention to me, and she also makes me lick the bottom of her socks!

I was just in heaven, and I could have been staying on that couch like this all night long! Sakura also makes me sniff the inside of her sneakers, before she makes me take her socks off with my teeth, and covers my face again with her sweaty naked feet! The smell was really intense, but I just had no choice to smell them, since they were right on my face! I am pretty sure she could feel my hard on between her legs, so that’s probably why we did a few blowjob videos! Sakura just makes me take some deep breaths in her feet, and makes me lick the sweaty bottom of her naked soles too! She also makes me suck on her toes, and makes me sniff her feet again and again! That was another very intense foot smelling, and foot worship session in Bangkok! I just hope I will have the chance to catch and see her again some day!

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