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Live session with ticklish Rita in east costume and long torture her belly with many devices

bring Rita to the room dressed in an oriental costume, she slowly dances. I look at her and then go up and begin to squeeze her belly from behind, then tickle her sides and armpits. Rita is very ticklish but she tries to keep her hands raised. Then I squeeze her stomach more, insert my finger into her navel. I press on her stomach and torment her. Then Rita is in the same position with her hands fixed, and I drive a pencil over her belly and then tickle her armpits and belly button.
I take a small feather and run it over Rita’s body and her navel. Then I take another feather and do the same.
Then we see a close-up of her stomach, I shake it and play with her belly button and nibble it.
Then I hit her belly with a paddle and drive Wartenberg’s pinwheel over it. Then I tickle her again. Then Rita lies and I tickle her stomach and armpits, squeeze her navel, try to turn it inside out, and then immerse my finger there. I put a ring into her navel. Then I pick the feather in it. I take a twig and slap Rita’s stomach. I insert the twig into the navel and spin it.
I begin to squeeze Rita’s stomach and take the ice, I drive it across the stomach until it starts to melt. Then I leave the ice in her belly button and we see a close-up of how the ice melts on the girl’s stomach.
I take another ice cube and drive it over Rita’s body in POV mode and then tickle her stomach and armpits. Then I take an electric toothbrush and tickle Rita’s body climbing into her navel and tickle her breasts through the bra. I slap Rita’s stomach and then pour juice into her belly button and lick it out. I tickle her belly with my hands.

After that, I take colorful candies and put them in Rita’s navel to eat them later. Then tickle her with my tongue.
I use ice again and then a screw that I put into Rita’s navel. Then I put a nut into her navel and slap and squeeze her stomach again. Then I put a match in Rita’s navel and fill her belly button with melted wax, then I light the match, then put it out and remove it from her navel. I clean her belly button.

Then I use a pointed feather and torture Rita’s belly and then again use Wartenberg’s pinwheel. Then I tickle Rita intensely until she asks to stop.

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