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Stephy Gets a Merciless Revenge on Veronique’s Feet

Length - 14:00
- 720P -
Published 22 August, 2021

After enduring a very intensive tickle this is now time for Stephy to get a merciless revenge on her sadistic tickler.
She asked us if she could tickle Veronique in return so we strongly immobilized our favorite tickler on the table
with her super ticklish feet helpless and ready for a special punishment.

Stephy was incredibly impatient to play with Veronique’s milky soles and toes and she was not disappointed by her reactions.
Wow Veronique’s feet are more ticklish than usual probably due to the fact that we didn’t tickle them for a long time
and the fact she abslutely can’t move increases her ticklishness.

Veronique becomes crazy all long the clip because Stephy is a fantastic and very efficient tickler too.
Every technique on Veronique’s work perfectly and her explosions of laughters are really really fantastic.
She bursts out with uncontrollable laughter and her reactions incitate Stephy to tickle even more till she loses all control of herself.

Veronique is really incredible because she’s tickled since the beginning of our productions and she seems to be even more ticklish years after years.
For those who really love ULTRA ticklish mature feet Veronique will fullfill your fantasies!

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