Lysa's Arousing Ticklish Dream


Length – 19:00

Lysa LOVES to have her feet tickled and tonight she has difficulties to resting because her thoughts are focused by the idea to be tickled so she tries to think to something else with a book.
After a moment she finally gets to rest and she makes a nice dream where a guy enter in her bedroom and begins to tickle her bare foot.
She slowly wakes up and begins to laugh more and more as the tickling increases progressively.
The tickler becomes even more merciless and gives her a very merciless bare feet tickle torture.
Lysa is totally awaked now and she explodes in laughter as the fingers give her exactly what she loves.
What a nice dream because the tickler is absolutely sadistic and her super ticklish bare feet endure a non stop and very efficient tickling.

This is heaven for Lysa who laugh louder and louder minute after minute as the guy punishes her helpless sexy bare soles and toes.
After a long tickling the dream finally stops and Lysa seems to is very very satisfied and… aroused.

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