Lysa asked for 3 ticklers on her helpless body

Length – 15:20

The sexy Lysa LOVES to be mercilessly tickled and she asked us to be pushed to her ticklish limits by 3 merciless ticklers at the same time.
What a great proposal so we strongly immobilized her for a very intensive tickle torture with Lara, the BGTprods tickler and the FT Tickler.
The ticklers team tickle all her most sensitive spots at the same time from head to toes in a fountain of hysterical reactions.
The sexy submissive loses control as rarely before under these 6 ruthless hands who do their best to drive her totally insane.
Poor Lysa because she endured here the punishment of her life and even if she absolutely loves to be tickled she admitted that it was good but a little too much for her.

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