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Lyse’s Full Body Punishment on the Table

The new 20 years old student Lyse is strongly immobilized on the table for a merciless full body tickling. At the beginning of the clip Lyse introduces herself and the Tickler makes a tickle test on her upperbody and on her bare foot. Then her extremely sensitive body is completely exposed for some intense punishment and this session is 50% upperbody and 50% bare feet tickling. Lyse is tickled by her sexy friend Imelda and by the tickler who are absolutely merciless with her most ticklish spots.

There is absolutely no escape and she obviously feels much more vulnerable and sensitive in this position. This is an horrible situation for a deathly ticklish girl but this is exactly what we love to see. French students are a dream for every tickle lovers and the charming Lyse is one of these dream come true!

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