Maggie's Feet in Your Face


Length - 05:27 - 1080P

Maggie is really curious about your foot fetish so she wants to know more about you! She just can’t believe you are all excited about her feet! This is summer time so I can tell you that they were really stinky! She’s now ready to share five minutes of her time to instruct you how to take care of her precious feet! Can you make it without messing your pants under a short minute? She wants you to take her shoes off to cover your ugly face with her sweaty socks! She rubs them all over your face and make you lick the dirty bottom!

She also wants you to take some deep breaths in her shoes so you know how stinky they are! Maggie also takes her socks off to smother your face with her smelly barefeet! She wants you to lick the bottom of her soles with your tongue while she’s laughing at your fetish! She also wants you to suck each of her toes as a good little bitch! (French Language)

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