Mathy's First Time in the Stocks : Full Session


Length – 21:07 – 720P

The Tickle Fetishist was very impatient to experiment tickle torture in the stocks so we offered her what she asked for. She is strongly immobilized without any ways to escape and ready for a very intensive tickle torture.

First the guys attack her helpless upperbody and they know exactly how to drive her crazy with the best techniques. Mathy is a wonderful tickle toys and the ticklers has so much fun with her because SHE LOVES TO BE TICKLED and she asks for more continuously.

This is now time for Mathy to have her extremely ticklish bare feet mercilessly tickled in the stocks. The two guys are decided to give her exactly what shes asked for and she was not disappointed by the punishment.

Fingers and brushes run on her ticklish soles and toes until she cant take it anymore. MATHY LOVES TO BE TICKLED and she enjoys one more time the sadistic techniques on her perfect feet.

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