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Mature Guadaloupe’s nightmare became truth

Definition - 1080P
Length - 08:34


Oh well, here’s Guadalupe again!
Today her daughter (Taris) teaches mature Guadalupe a humbling tickle lesson!

Taris showed us all the steps to neutralize her mother’s (Guadalupe) movement, she started by crossing her arms like a mummy, then Taris pulled out the wrap. After a good amount of wrap laps, she added some tape on:
Ankles, Knees, Femur, bellow and over the arms.

To make sure not to let Guadalupe loosen the wrap.

Right after Taris strapped Guadalupe down with the Spineboard straps, and added additional ropes over the previous tape locations, to make sure she is going no where!
She tied up all the toes and pulled them back fix to the board and added a gag at the end!

I guess Taris wanted some well deserved revenge on Guadalupe, after all the sessions where Guadalupe ruled the girls!

Today Taris had a special surprise for Guadalupe!
New tools to test on her amazing latina soles.

Everything started gradually, after a good amount of oil on Guadaloupe’s shiny soles, Taris pulled a new comb. Stated gently then applied force to it!
Well the surprise can’t end here, after some hysterical tickles, Taris pulled her brand new brush and went crazy on Guadaloupe’s soles no mercy!

Then the moment is finally here.
Taris has hiding some new grooming gloves!
Honestly never seen Guadalupe squirming this much from a new tool! Ruthless tickling all throughout the session!!

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