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Summer day with Erica in the car – I like tickling her stinky feet and sensitive armpits

By Dero
It was a warm summer day and I put Erica in the car to tickle her. She was after job with sweaty feet in nylon socks and I began to tickle her feet, and Erica closed her eyes, relaxed and began to laugh. Then I took off her socks and began to tickle her stinky feet stronger, and then took a twig and began to drive it along her soles. Then I tickled her in POV mode.

Then I put Erica in the driver’s seat so that she stretched her legs and I tied them with a rope. I began to tickle them harder until Erica went crazy. Next, Erica sat in the same place – her hands are thrown back and tied, her armpits and stomach are open. I tickle her armpits hard in gloves so Erica exploded with laughter. And then I her belly with tickling.
Next, you will see many different angles of tickling the upper body including the POV mode.

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