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Length - 21:20 -
Definition - 720P

Megarah Didn’t Imagined That Feathers Could Break Her

We are very happy to introduce you another deathly ticklish beauty with horribly sensitive feet especially with feathers.
Megarah is a 24 years old sexy model we met a few months ago on our tickling project “” and we discovered her incredible ticklishness.
She introduces herself at the beginning of the clip with english subtitles then the tickler makes a little test before the real tickle experience.

Megarah is ultra sensitive everywhere but her feet are really her weak point and she was really surprised because she didn’t imagined that feathers could break her at this point.
She becomes totally insane when feathers, fingers and different tools run on her milky soles and you will be impressed by her fantastic hysterical laughter.
Once again we met a truly super ticklish beauty with unreal ticklish bare feet, get ready to never forget this girl!

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