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Mistress Macy Wants Some Fun

Goddess Macy really gets great pleasure humiliating her slave girl Lucy. She knows the little girl is so humble and submissive that she wouldn’t dare to defy or disobey her, and Macy takes advantage of this behavior to make her struggle with the most difficult tasks. Macy wants to have her shoes worshipped so she orders the servant girl to start kissing her heels with devotion while the Mistress just mocks her and smiles cruelly with satisfaction.

Then, Lucy must lick the soles of Macy’s heels and based on the facial expressions of the slave girl, it seems that the taste is horrible. Lucy showcases a sad face but is not able to complain or stop cleaning, if she does, the punishment will be severe. For that reason, she quietly accepts her inferiority and just follows all Macy’s orders. On the other hand, Macy is having a great time and is delighted to be treated like royalty. Macy also makes Lucy bow down in front of her to kiss her toes to degrade her even more. After a while, Macy wants to feel Lucy’s little tongue on her soft soles so she commands the slave girl to clean her feet thoroughly and remove any piece of dirt or sweat from them.

Macy keeps laughing at Lucy’s suffering without any mercy and continues admiring the pampering she is receiving. Lucy tries to withstand the smell and taste of Macy’s feet, it’s very hard though, since they have been in those high heels for so long. Unfortunately for Lucy, that nasty taste will remain in her mouth for several hours. (FullHD Version)

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