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Definition - 1080P
Length - 09:09

Molly’s Private Footstool

Molly is a curious little angel so she really wanted to know what it’s like to rest her sweaty feet on a man’s face! Should we blame her? She couldn’t believe at first that someday would be ready to lie down at her feet after she wore her boots for ten hours! My feet must be so sweaty right now! She makes him take her boots off then immediatly cover his face with her fluffy socks! Her smile of satisfaction tells a lot about her bratty attitude!

She rubs them all over his face while chatting with her friends on the computer! Don’t you feel stupid with my 18 y.o. feet in your face? Take my socks off now! Molly just smother his face again with her sweaty barefeet! This is just the best footstool I never had! She rubs her soles all over his face and wants him to lick the bottom! Molly’s precious toes also deserve a rest into his mouth after sweating all day long!

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