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Mora – deprivation tickling in X pose

By John

In this video, there is a tickling of Mora, who is bound in stocks in a specific position. Half of the clip shows her being tickled while she is sensory deprived, meaning her eyes are blindfolded, her mouth is gagged, and earplugs are inserted. After all of that is removed, the tickling continues in the fullness of naked sensations.

If you don’t already know, I’ll remind you that Mora has a rather specific reaction to tickling. She literally moans as if she’s in great pain, but that’s exactly how her psyche responds to the stimulus called tickling.
In other words, Mora doesn’t laugh or giggle; rather, it’s more like exorcising demons through tickling. Despite all this, Mora has a fairly sensitive body to tickling and is capable of reacting even to the slightest touch. Enjoy!

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