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More ticklish and hotter – New Sushi girl Alsu, slippery body tickling and licking with cream

Alsu is lying naked on the table and tied tightly to it. Today, she is a sushi girl for Alla’s meal. Alla gently tastes sushifrom Alsu’s body and enjoys the view of her beautiful shapes. She takes chopsticks and tickles Alsu’s body with them. Alsu is very sensitive and she is excited by the girl‘s actions. Alla eats almost all sushi and at the same time tickles Alsu’s body with her fingernails. She eats the last sushi from Alsu’s legs and then tickles her feet.
Next, she takes some cream and lubricates Alsu’s body. She’s going to sexually lick it all and tickle her breasts, armpits and all her body. Alsu goes crazy and admires Alla’s actions. She licks her body, licks her nipples, and then she tickles her body through the sweet cream and smudges it.

Alla pours cream on Alsu’s feet and licks them passionately, and then tickles her toes and bites them. Then, she tickles slippery feet with her nails.
After that, she tickles Alsu’s upper body again – she wipes her body and lubricates it with oil. After that, she enjoys the long and tortuous tickling of Alsu’s body again.
At the end there’s a small bonus, I intensely tickle her upper body for a few minutes.
A sexy and hot fetish clip is waiting to be watched. Enjoy!

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