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Myriam Pushed to the Edge of Madness in the Stocks

It’s now time for Myriam and Wiam to have some real tickle fun ! Myriam is the first to experience the stocks, and maaan her feet are ticklish ! The fit girl is immobilized strongly in the stocks, her arms are tied behind her back, and even her toes can’t move ! First the tickler are having fun with her. Both the GT guy and the LLT guy tickle her deliciously ticklish arches and toes without mercy. For a girl that never went through real tickling before, it’s quite a way to start ! The brushes are very effective, and she gets her feet scrubbed hard for a real long period of time !

Once Myriam is already exhausted, Wiam comes in ! She starts tickling her new friend’s feet, and if she’s a bit sorry at first, she soon enjoys it as much as the guys did ! Wiam uses every tools she can, including brushes or gloves on Myriam’s oiled bare feet !
Like it’s not enough, the LLT guy joins the party again as he goes behind the poor girl to tickle her exposed sides ! The double torture is really too much for Myriam who goes completely crazy ! The scene is more than 15 minutes long and it’s probably one of our best video ever ! Don’t miss it 😀 !

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