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Natasha is tortured on the bed


[presto_player id=3198305

Length - 21:24 - 1080P

Clip shot in 2016.

Let’s release an oldie of mine. Natasha is a friend I met on Tinder and happened to be in the Uni !  After a lot of insistance from me, she ended up saying “ok, I’ll do it if I can’t be recognized”.
Look at her gorgeous Feet ! I’m not a fan of red, but that’s just me :p

From the first minutes, you wouldn’t say that she is very ticklish, because she was stressed and I was only teasing her.
It is when I start to tease her thighs and go to her Upperbody that she cracked open.

In fact, Natacha is super ticklish, but still finds the energy to be playful, she bites, begs, she’s cute !

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