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Big session with Mara (part 2) – Tickling feet in stocks with shaving foam + POV

Continuation of the long tickling with Mara. Her sexy feet are in stocks and she’s lying on the bed. Her toes are tied and her hands are fixed. I slightly tickle her tender feet and immediately hear her cute laugh. Great reaction! Then I take some shaving foam and lubricate her soles with it. It looks very tasty on her feet! I continue to tickle her feet and between toes. From time to time, you will see the shooting plan from the second camera here.
Next, I take a toothbrush and tickle her toes. After that, I lubricate her feet with an oil and tickle her each toe and whole feet and arches.

Next, you’ll see a POV mode where I tickle her feet with shaving foam and then with the toothbrush, going up to her armpits and then tickle her belly and sides.
Next Mara lifts a bit so we can see her feet and I tickle her with a massage brush and tickle her sides so Mara wiggles as hell.
And now you will see a bonus part of the clip (preface) where Mara is tied with her hands and legs and her mouth is taped. I tickle her bare feet with a feather and then her sides from behind.

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