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New Bare feet Audition ” wait,wait Ok please stop for a minute lol”

Here is our newest tickle “victim” lol. Lind has never done anything like this and was really talked into this by her GF sofia..We knew when we tickled her in her socks that we were going to be in for a treat when the socks came off and we ramped it up on here. This was literally the perfect session. We got great laughter, real tears, and some begging to please stop for a minute! it was really fun and Sofia =had so much fun, She is starting to learn how tom tickle good too..

So, if your looking for great close ups and true tickle on someone who has never even heard of this before, heres your clip!! A few times she was trying to talk and ask questions and we made her do it while we really went after her feet and she could NOT do it, she couldn’t even count while we were on her feet, truly fun and the REAL deal. The preview doesn’t do the whole clip justice, there was just so much good footage we didn’t know what to include in the preview. all we can say is that if you are a real bare feet tickling fan that likes up close real reactions and “going after it” tickling of feet,  you will not be disappointed. It was really hard to have to stop tickling her feet at some point, but she truly needed a break!Enjoy

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