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New model Angela – Ticklish test and foot tickling challenge with bills

Length - 17:06
- 1080P -
Published 3 July, 2022

By Dero

The new model Angela (22 y.o.) gives a short interview about her ticklishness and then I check her armpits and sides, the girl is ticklish and this is definitely good.
Then she puts her legs on the table and we see her dirty feet in socks. I tickle her socked feet. And then without socks and the girl reacts more. Then I tickle her feet with a feather, and then with Wartenberg’s pinwheel. After that, the real challenges begin.

“Upper Body Tickling”
Angela’s hands are fixed up and I tickle her armpits and slender belly. I lift her shirt and press on her muscles, which makes the girl laugh and spin. I am pleased with her reaction. This is followed by a close-up of her upper body tickling.

“Keep-the-cash challenge”
Now Angela lies on a bench and her feet are lifted up and fixed. All banknotes are different. I take the first bill and Angela clamps it with her feet – now I tickle her feet and she can’t tolerate tickling (an interesting observation is that changing the position of the legs increase sensitivity, as well as excitement and inability to move). Very soon, Angela loses the bill and I give her the second chance, a few minutes of intense tickling and the bill falls again!
The last bill between her feet and I tickle her soles again – the bill falls!
Now I can tickle her a little more just for fun…

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