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Definition - 1080P
Length - 12:40

The only by hands feet ticklish Laura Belfiore 1

Laura Belfiore, beautiful italian model and actress (and mom!), has accepted to be tickle explored. The tickler starts to tickle her sides: for a moment, she seems to be ticklish in that spot, but soon that appears as a false alarm. Also the rest of upperbody and legs seems not ticklish, until the tickler approachs her feet and… Laura explodes suddenly in laughter. After this discovery, the tickler keeps on tickling the bottom of her feet. Just some light passing of his fingers under her soles makes her giggling with delight, and harder tickling makes her laugh louder; her feet cannot stand firm under the ticklish feelings. Her voice, very loud and trained and clear, let us understand weel she is an actress. And she seems she likes being tickled, and laughs even during the pauses. Her pleasant laugh is a very pleasure to be listened to! And tickling her is a very pleasure for the tickler! That is the first part of the tickle session, soon the other two parts. (format is .mkv, a .mp4 file containing selectable/deselectable English/Italian subtitles)

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