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No Safeword - Vengeance 1

Length - 13:33
- 1080P -
Published 20 October, 2022


I’ll be upfront, I’m not a switch. I’m a lifelong dom. But. Several voices (both models and fans alike) wanted to see ME get my own treatment. Ok. Fine. After a lot of thought, I decided to try this. If it does well and the fanbase is there (God I hope not), I’ll continue to subject myself to this to let the girls get me back. If you’ve seen this series you know how unforgiving I’ve been.  So yes. I’m wrapped in a sheet (sleep sack is too small for me), belted up (believe me I couldn’t get out), blindfolded and gagged. Yes, I’m threaded through the bracket and you know what comes next.

And it turns out the gloves are every bit as bad as the girls have told me. Holy hell. Claire Coda, a gorgeous and well known tickling fetishist (and also nearly 6ft tall, I had no idea!) was the one I trusted during her visit to work me over. Her verbal teases only made it worse and I could tell she ENJOYED it. I hope you do as well, because it was terrible to go through!

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