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Tickling amazing soles of Ivanka the cutie

By John

This clip is completely devoted to tickling the beautiful feet of charming Ivanka. This pretty girl loves all sorts of fetishes and enthusiastically responded to our proposal to tie her up and tickle her feet.

There are three scenes:

In the first scene, a blindfold is put on Ivanka’s eyes, she kneels on the bench with her feet locked in stocks and hands tied behind her back. First, I tickle her socked feet, then slowly take off her socks, exposing her lovely bare feet.

In the second scene, Ivanka is fixed another way. Her legs and arms are fixed in the same stocks. Here’re two ticklers, each tickling one of her feet. Ivanka reacts nice to tickling, laughing lovely, smiling, and making other funny faces. Her feet are very tender and ticklish.

In the third scene, Ivanka is fixed lying down. Her feet are in special stocks with all her toe-tied, her hands are locked in the upper stocks. She also has a red ballgag in her mouth. In this scene, in addition to being tickled, her feet also feel a Wartenberg’s pinwheel that I run over her soles. Enjoy!

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