Nobody Has Ever Suffered in Our Stocks Like Lesly Punished to Tears


Length – 14:01 – 720P

We introduce you two new horribly ticklish students who discovered with us that they were really really more ticklish
than they imagined.
Wilda and Leslie are both 19 years old and both are incredible.
The clip begins with an interview with english subtitles and a tickle test.
After this introducing Lesly is immobilized soles up for the worst moment of her life.

We have no words to explain her reactions, Leslie’s milky soles are more than ticklish they are absolutely untouchables.
In the beginning she laughs hysterically and she seems to suffer the tickle torture but after a few moment she on the verge
on a nervous breakdown.

This is more than too much for this incredibly ticklish girls who is absolutely desperate between hysteric laughters
and tears under her friend Wilda’s fingers and brushes.
Her nerves are at breaking point as she struggles to escape but there is no way to stop the tickle torture.

Nobody has ever suffered at this point under tickle torture in our productions and we think that we probably gone too far with her.
We are sure that she will never let us tickle her feet again but it was great.

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