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Lesly Drives Wilda Insane on the Sofa

Lesly was really impatient to have tickle fun with her ultra ticklish friend Wilda.
Wilda’s feet are not ticklish so we were not able to do a foot tickling session but her underarms and sides are
incredibly sensitive so Lesly decided to tickle her on these special spots.
Wilda is strongly immobilized on the sofa with her arms held by the guy in order to allow Lesly to tickle
her insanely ticklish underarms, sides and belly.

Lesly has so much fun while her poor friend loses control under the tickling fingers who run on all her weak points.
To increase the punishment the guy tickles Lesly at some moments and her reactions are just fantastic.
Wilda can’t stand at all to have her super ticklish armpits tormented and she explodes with crazy reactions.
We will probably never tickle these girls again in the future but Wow it was so good to drive them insane.

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