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Painful challenge for Lisichka. Tight hogtie and foot torture

By John. Made by customer’s request

Lisichka is in some kind of mummified hogtie. Her hands and feet are first tied strict together with ropes. Then she’s taped up to a mummy. But she is not mummified in a straight position, but in a hogtie position. The upper body completely normal, but the legs are folded up so the tape goes around the thighs and shins.
Lisichka’s head is free at the beginning.

Her hands are tied behind her back with ropes and they’re still to be seen, as they were not mummified in. She wears dirty socks on her feet – these are also visible and not taped.
In this situation, the video starts. You see close-ups of her tied hands and feet. She’s struggling for some time. Then I come and explain the rules of the following game to Lisichka:

I set a timer to 5 minutes. This 5 minutes Lisichka has time to get out of the bondage and stop the countdown on the mobile phone. If the alarm goes off after 5 minutes, because Lisichka has not managed to free herself and finish the countdown, she will get 100 strokes with the Single-Tail-Whip as a bastinado.
She confirms that she has understood the rules.

Afterward, I explain to her that the game would be too easy in that way and we still have a surprise:
– I tape her eyes so that she can’t see anything. The tape to blindfold her is taped around the head and not only put on her eyes.
– I gag her with a big ball gag.
– I wrap a lot of tape around her tied up hands so that she cannot use her fingers to open the knots of the rope.
– I connect her tied toes with her ball gag so that her upper body is bent backward and her ball gag is pressed even deeper into her mouth.
I start the timer and give Lisichka the signal that she has 5 minutes to unleash herself and turn off the timer – otherwise there are 100 strokes bastinado with the single-tail-whip.

Of course, we cheat a little bit and I change the position of the phone. She didn’t notice that, because I taped her eyes very good.
Then we watch Lisichka a little as she tries to free herself. After 2.5 minutes I give her the hint that half the time is over. But so that she can estimate when her last 60 seconds will run, I will help her a little: I will tickle her feet during the last 60 seconds – but of course, she may keep trying to free herself.

After 4 minutes, I start to tickle her feet very intensive for one minute until the alarm goes off on my cell phone.
I remove the ball gag, the toe-tie, and her socks. I explain to her that she has not accomplished her task and her feet now get 100 strokes with the single-tail-whip.
But before I start, I tie her toes together again. Now she is barefoot and her toes are tied strict together again with a thin rope.
Then I take her socks and put them in her mouth, and tie tape over them. The tape is wrapped around the head and not only glued on. So it is a strict gag with her own dirty socks.

Lisichka then receives her 100 strokes bastinado with the single-tail-whip, in a taped hogtie, with a toe-tie, tape wrapped around her head to cover her eyes and tape wrapped around her head to fix her dirty socks in her mouth. She screams through the gag. Lisichka loves being punished like that and she gets excited by the pain.

After she got the last stroke, I take off blindfolds and the gag. Her face is wet and her mascara is smudged. I take the black ball gag in shut her mouth with it. Then I leave her alone for some struggling.

By John. Made by customer's request Lisichka is in some kind of mummified hogtie. Her hands and feet are first tied strict together...

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