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No Escape - Anastasia


Length - 22:24
- 1080P -
Published 16 August, 2022

Incredibly cute girl next door Anastasia told me she could get out easily, and loves a challenge. That’s exactly what I like to hear from a brat.
Rope up tightly she’s put in a stress position, pulled as far as her body will let her with a mouth filling punishing gag.
Subdued, she surrenders. I ask if she wants to try again and she agrees. Again, she’s mouth packed and gagged TIGHTLY, then left to make another attempt. Wiggling about, I decide to …motivate her, by whipping her soles with a riding crop.

More rope is added. Probably wasn’t needed but I want total control. Her soles are slapped and spanked more. For added encouragement I add a bit of breath play.
She doesn’t escape, and for that, her reward is me leaving the room for her to enjoy (?) herself.

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