Petra feels how her feet are suffering


Length - 13:27 - 1080P

Name: Petra
Age: 30
Height: 173 cm
Shoe size: 38 (8 US)
Occupation: Realtor
Petra tied to a chair for the first time in her life. Her wrists are tied behind the back, feet bound at the ankles, toes are tied together and the attached to a chair with another string. This design not only looks hot and sexy, but also is strong and will not allow the girl to twitch strongly and escape. I begin with taking a paddle and start beating her sexy feet. I start with light strikes to give her to get used to.

After that I lubricate her soles with oil properly. After that I continue to flog her soles. After a while I take a brush and start her feet with intense tickling.
The brush is tough and I intensely scratching her feet thereby delivering a strong tickle for Petra. I begin to alternate with the comb and paddle specifically to don’t give her time to get used to these sensations.
Lastly I order her to count out loud the last 20 strokes and sit still. Petra obeys. Next I leave and begin to watch the beautiful girl and her tied feet. The punishment ends.

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