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Polina’s Predicament

Definition - 1080P
Length - 25:23


All dialogs in this clip are in English

The clip contains 3 parts:
First partPolina walks on the staircase and makes her feet dirty.
Second partPolina is tied on the table and I hit her feet with different devices.
Third partPolina is ball gagged and we play a bastinado game.

The script:
Polina is bound, the upper chest arms and elbows tied as close together as possible, wrists tied. Then Polina’s knees and ankles to be tied. Ankles and thighs tied to the table. This done off camera. Her toes tied very tightly, the attach her toes to her knees. Pulling them back to open up her soles. Then her pinky toes tied to the sides of the table. Forcing her to spread her toes and make it even harder to resist the foot torture. Finally ending with the large ball gag.

Bastinado game rules (from the third part)
The first roll of one dice chooses the device:
1 – flogger
2 – paddle
3 – bamboo stick
4 – rubber cord
5 – belt
6 – she chooses the device

The second roll of a pair of dice chooses the number of hits: from 2 to 12 hits

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