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Length - 16:15 -
Definition - 720P

Prisca Tickles Calissa on the Table : Full

Our insanely ticklish Calissa is back with the sexy Prisca and she’s strongly tied to the table for a new tickle session. Calissa is just horribly ticklish everywhere and Prisca is very impatient to have some tickle fun with her new friend. She’s not disappointed with Calissa’s reactions because the poor girl gets hysterical at every touch on her incredibly ticklish body.

The session begins with a nice punishment on her sexy bare feet. What a nice situation! Calissa can’t remove her extremities from Prisca’s fingers and brushes and it drives her totally crazy. The FT tickler joins the action too for a 2 feet tickle . This is really too much for the girl and you’ll never forget her hysteria!

The sexy Prisca attacks now Calissa’s super ticklish upperbody. The girl is strongly tied to the table but she’s so ticklish that she explodes silly at each touch on her body. She absolutely can’t stand to be tickled and Prisca has so much fun with her incredible ticklishness. Her sadistical fingers run on the sensitive body without mercy.

Calissa is tickled by two ticklers on her upperbody and feet at the same time for a perfect tickle . Calisse is really pushed to her limits as never before in this session.

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