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Length - 62:40 -
Definition - 720P

Remastered Vintage Series : Everything Sydney

This is a remastered serie of a session we made in 2005 at the hotel with the very hot and extremely ticklish Sydney.
This asian bomb has all! A perfect body, Magnificent feet and this girl is INSANELY ticklish.
She was probably one of the hottest girls we ever filmed in our productions.

In this clip she is tickled on a bed in two different punishments with 70% Upperbody and 30% Bare feet action.
She is so ticklish everywhere and she seems to enjoy it a lot even if it drives her crazy.
There is no escape from the merciless Tickler’s hands who making her screaming and laughing uncontrollably.

Watch her intense reactions as she realizes she can’t stop the tickling.
Hot! Hot! Hot Tickling Action with an extremely sensitive asian goddess.

This great clip is the compilation of 4 different scenes with the hyper ticklish Sydney at the hotel.
You will get here 3 bare feet tickling scenes and an explosive upperbody punishment.
During the first scene Sydney is feet tickled on a sofa then the second scene is an explosive sides and underarms tickling, during the third one Sydney is feet tickled in a bathroom and for the last scene she is tied on a chair for an intensive soles tickle action.

The beauty endures a lot of merciless tickles on her most sensitive spots who drive her crazy.
Very hot and arousing action with an extremely ticklish asian beauty.

Our hot asian beauty is now ready for a new hot tickling party in the studio.
This clip is 50% upperbody and 50% foot tickling action with two sadistic ticklers who push her to her limits in 4 different scenes.
She explains at the beginning that she loves being tickled and that her most ticklish spots are her feet and pits.

First she is tied with arms above her head while the Tickler explores all her upperbody making her jumping and screaming.
After that you will enjoy a second upperbody part the this is time to punish and to worship her insanely sensitive feet in hogtied situation and on the floor.
Sydney an incredibly arousing model.

This is a remastered serie of a session we made in 2005 at the hotel with the very hot and extremely ticklish...

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