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Rose Goes More Than Insane in the Stocks

This is now time for Cleo to explore Rose’s helpless body from head to toes.
Rose is strongly immobilized in the stocks with her entire body vulnerable to tickling fingers, feathers and different tickle tools.
Her soft milky skin is ultra sensitive on every inch and each touch on her underarms, neck, sides, hips, belly, legs or feet makes her become more than insane.
She absolutely can’t stand being tickled and this total immobilization makes the tickling even more unbearable.

Cleo loves that and she has so much fun with the help of the FT Tickler to drive the young beauty crazy.
She does her really best on her most ticklish spots till she really really cannot take it anymore.
Ultra ticklish girls are made to be mercilessly tickled and this is great to watch.

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