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Roxy Sin Is Punished to Tears on Her Unbearably Ticklish Feet

Get ready to watch a incredible session where we found the limit of ticklishness.
We had to opportunity to meet a gorgeous stripper/cam girl and feet girl who accepted to have a tickling experience with us.

Roxy Sin is a beautiful 26 years old model with absolute perfect long feet who are absolutely untouchables.
The clip begins with an interview with english subtitles and a tickle test then she’s immobilized with her feet up and at the mercy of another masked girl.
This masked girl is not ticklish so there will be no revenge but she’s a real dominatrix who is terrifingly merciless with ticklish feet.

Roxy really really didn’t imagined that her helpless feet could be so sensitive and We have no words to explain her insane reactions.
We had not seen this type of hysteria since the model Lesly who endured tickles to tears two years ago.
The first part of the clip is not too intensive because Roxy’s feet are tickled with fingers but when the masked girl or the FT Tickler attack with the special glove it becomes terrific.

Roxy loses all control of her body and her extreme suffering is impressive like her convulsions.
This is more than too much for the beauty who is desperate between insane laughters and tears.

Her nerves are at breaking point as she struggles to escape but there is no way to stop the tickle .
Nobody has ever suffered at this point in our productions since Lesly, and the poor Roxy was not able to continue to do other scenes after that.
Fortunately for us we had time to film an upperbody punishment before this extremely intensive feet tickling but this is all we have with her.
We try to convince her to return in the future but this is no sure.

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