Urbis endures the worst from the sadistic Karine



Length – 13:15

Urbis is strongly immobilized on the table and very intensively tickled by the sadistic Karine who explore all her most ticklish spots.
She can’t move while karine’s fingers run on her underarms, neck, hips, sides, legs and on her deathly ticklish bare feet.
Urbis’s reaction are impressive because she’s so ticklish that she really suffers the tickle torture.

This is a real pain for her and you can see on her face the level of what she has to endure and especially due to the fact that Karine is absolutely merciless with her.
Her underarms and soles are her weak points and we can say without exaggeration that she really can’t stand it and that she hates to be tickled.

Urbis is so ticklish that we don’t understand why she accepted this experience but fortunately for us she did it!

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