SASHA * Im Telling You, I'M NOT TICKLISH *


Length – 12:01 – 1080P

This girl is one of the reasons that I’m in this business. you can wait for something like this for a while, but when it comes it’s just perfect.

this sweet little tickee is a friend of Adeline and Katya.

the day before this shoot, we had a little party at our apartment and the girls invited Sasha.we got so wasted that night, that we all stayed in the apartment until the next day.
when I saw Sasha, I immediately asked her if she wants to participate in our shooting.

Sasha told me that the girls already asked her, but unfortunately, she just isn’t ticklish.I asked if I can tickle her, to see if she really isn’t ticklish, and she said sure, go ahead.

I tried, and she didn’t move. she said, “it’s doing nothing for me.”

I told her that sometimes when you get tied up and you can’t move, you become very ticklish.its quite rare, as it didn’t do anything when I tickled her untied.
we agreed to do a little tickle test the next day, and the result my friends is here!

I really really really love this session. and this is just the beginning.ill let the preview speak for itself.

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