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Seducing Anna Luna – Sensual tickling and massaging until orgasm

By Dero

Anna Luna continues to be locked in stocks and has her hands fixed on a wooden device. I keep tickling her beautiful feet and then I lick and bite them. Anna catches ecstasy and breathes heavily. Slowly groaning from pleasure.
I take a cane and give her a few blows on her feet. Then I lubricate her soles with cream and massage and tickle with a massage brush and a comb.

Then I move on to tickling her upper body. I take the whip and run it over her naked body, then I rub the handle of the whip between her legs. She’s getting hotter.
Then I lick her nipples and tickle her ribs. I bite her tender sides and waist. I add more oil and massage and tickle her thighs, belly, and sides.

Then I nibble her wonderful feet again and then lick Luna’s tummy.
When the girl became unbearably hot, I caressed her between her legs, crawled under her panties, and helped her reach orgasm.

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